I.M. Servers

Mark I

I installed VMware on my desktop. I installed CentOS 7 in a virtual machine and hosted a Samba share.

Mark II

I got a used rackmount server and installed it at home. I set it up to run CentOS 7 and it hosted a hardware RAID5 Samba share.

Mark III

I got a Raspberry PI 4b and installed Debian. I setup a RAID1 using two USB drives. I used mdadmn to control the RAID.

Mark IV

I used my Raspberry PI 4b to host a Fedora NFS Server for sharing among various Linux computers. ISCI Fedora Project.

Mark V

I got a Raspberry PI 3b+ and installed CentOS 7 on it. This was to continue practicing on CentOS.

Mark VI

I used my Raspberry PI 4b to host a Ubuntu Server Samba Share and I share it with my Linux, Mac and Windows computers.

Veronica: Debian 10 Docker

This is my development machine where I practice Docker, networking and other items that require x86/x64 hardware.

Mars: KVM RHEL 8

This is my KVM RHEL 8 machine where I practice RHEL 8/CentOS 8/Rocky Linux 8/Alma Linux 8

Mark VII

ISCI Ubuntu Server Project PI4


ISCI Ubuntu Server Project PI3B+

Mark IX: KVM Alma Linux 8

Test drive Alma on PI

War Machine: Mark I (Apocalypse)

Solar powered, off the grid server. EMP shielding, fireproof and waterproof. Contains a survivalist library including offline Wikipedia. Built-in screen and speakers. Backup copy of Mark VI and it's files. Mini wireless keyboard with touchpad mouse.

Hulkbuster: Mark I

Windows 10 Apps Server

War Machine: Mark II

Off-site EMP shielded server. Survivalist library including offline Wikipedia. Touchscreen. Backup copy of Mark VI and it's files.