Computer Repair

In the summer of 2001, I started a computer help/design business. Looking at the computer help aspect of it, a lot of good things happened. First of all, with all of my prior knowledge which was learned about growing up with computers, I was an expert. Not only was I able to repair every computer that I came across, but I was able to tutor people in how to keep them running. The systems that I am familiar with are Windows, Linux, and Mac. Some of my most notable skills are:

1. Manually removing viruses and spyware without an anti-virus or spyware program.
2. Setting up a computer to run Linux and Windows off of the same hard drive.
3. Accessing a remote computer from another location
4. Optimizing speed, performance, and stability of Mac's and PC's
5. Locking out hackers
6. Successfully removing Service Pack 2 for Windows XP
7. Removing broken registry links and fixing missing files.
8. Networking using a printer cable and over instant messenger.
9. Writing easy to follow instruction guides.

Please note, if I can't fix it, then I don't charge for repairs. But, this hasn't happened yet.